Video courtesy of the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Partnership

The North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange (NAFSE) is a center for fire science information. We strive to promote communication between fire scientists and fire managers within our region. We also encourage the use of fire science to balance public safety, economic realities and sustainable ecosystems. With its high population and urban development, the North Atlantic area has unique concerns as it relates to wildfire. In an effort to create a safe and resilient region, we provide a trusted forum to share information between fire managers and scientists. 

What we do:

  • Promote opportunities for communication between scientists and land managers.
  • Focus on innovative solutions for our region’s unique science and management challenges.
  • Provide easy access to current research and facilitate new research partnerships.
  • Serve as an outlet for regional fire science communication and increase the flow of information.

Check out a few photos and videos from our Flickr page: