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Webinar: Connecting fire behavior, regime, and effects – emergent patterns from a decade of burn severity data in the New Jersey Pinelands

  • Wednesday, December 13, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST



Shifting patterns of wildland fire activity threaten both human and ecological systems across the globe as the impacts of climate change continue to unfold. Collecting the fire behavior and effects data is necessary to strengthen understandings of these patterns and adapt management, yet collecting these data using traditional field based methods is impossible beyond the scale of small studies.  As an alternative, correlations between fire-altered reflectance patterns in vegetation, fire effects, and fire behavior were assessed and used to make useful inferences about how fire impacts pitch pine barrens.  This work incorporates data from studies of fire behavior, fire effects, and seasonality to show how burn severity data can be used to better understand the qualitative variety of fire and how observed patterns can be used to hone management strategy. 

Michael Gallagher is a post-doctoral researcher with the US Forest Service’s Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences work unit at the Silas Little Experimental Forest.   Michael’s research has focused on integrating field and remote sensing-based approaches to assess and link fire behavior and fire effects.  Michael is also a crewman on an New Jersey Forest Fire Service engine and fills in on Northern Area crews during the western fire season.