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National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Workshop

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Making a Difference, Building Capacity, Improving Preparedness, and Learning From Experience

  • March 26-29th, 2018 Reno, NV

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The wildland fire environment in the United States is undergoing profound ecological, social, and political changes. As a result, noticeable expansion in wildfire behavior and area burned, risk to responders and citizens, losses of homes and property, costs, and threats to communities and landscapes is occurring. To better prepare for and address this situation, a National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy to comprehensively address wildland fire management across all lands in the United States was developed. This Cohesive Strategy is by far the most comprehensive, timely, and applicable strategy ever developed for wildland fire management. It sets broad, strategic, and national-level direction as a foundation for implementing actions and activities nationwide. It provides an all-inclusive and pertinent vision for wildland fire and society for the next century.