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Field Trip: Experimental wind tunnel tour for wildland fire applications


Field Trip: Experimental wind tunnel tour for wildland fire applications

  • Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 12:00-4:00 PM

Hosted by Dr. Albert Simeoni - Worcester, Massachusetts


Intro Presentation

Lab Intro

Combustion Lab

Fire Propagation 1

Fire Propagation 2

Fire Propagation 3

Wind Tunnel Intro

Wind Tunnel Experiment Demo

Visit the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, hosting the largest university based fire lab in the US, and learn about the wildland fire research conducted there. A twenty foot long wind tunnel is currently in use to conduct basic research on the influence of wind on fire spread through multi-layered fuel beds, from pine needles to shrubs. More research in the lab includes characterizing vegetation as a fuel and understanding how it burns under diverse conditions. This project is occurring under the framework of a  Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program and in collaboration with the Forest Service and several universities.

Cost: Free. 

Working Agenda
12:00-1:00pm – Lunch (included) in the FPE Café 
1:00-1:45pm - Presentations on lab capabilities, other experiments (on merging fire lines), and full wind-tunnel activities to date
1:45-2:45pm – Walk to Combustions Lab with Prof. Rangwala, showcasing other fire protection research topics
2:45-3:15pm – Fire propagation apparatus (FPA) experiment with Q & A
3:15-4:00pm – Wind tunnel experiment with Q & A