Natural Fuels Photo Series - Digital Photo Series

Here you'll find data from all 17 volumes of the Natural Fuels Photo Series published to date with 47 photo series containing a total of 470 sites in database form to enable searching, downloading, and eventually side-by-side comparisons and customized site generation.

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FEIS: US Forest Service, Fire Effects Information System

US Forest Service, Fire Effects Information System. The Fire Effects Information System is an online collection of reviews of the scientific literature about fire effects on plants and animals and about fire regimes of plant communities in the United States. FEIS reviews are based on thorough literature searches, often supplemented with insights from field scientists and managers. FEIS provides reviews that are efficient to use, thoroughly documented, and defensible. Approximately 15 to 30 new or revised reviews are published in FEIS each year.

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National Weather Service, Fire Weather

National Weather Service, Fire Weather Website. A key component to the new national fire weather page is its interactive map that allows you to examine critical fire weather information at the national level initially, but quickly provide you access to local and regional fire weather data as well.

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