Sandplains Grassland Network

Sandplains Grassland Network

This website intends to present the state of research and regional management experience, synthesize their results, and suggest ways to best manage for this habitat-type.

The Sandplain Grassland Network is a regional partnership among researchers and managers that formed in 2016 to advance understanding and effectiveness of the management of sandplain grasslands. The Sandplain Grassland Network shares methods and understanding gained from experiences with managing grasslands across the region to better protect and foster the unique and rare species that sandplain grasslands support. The Sandplain Grassland Network contains representatives from Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission, Linda Loring Nature Foundation, Nantucket Conservation Foundation, the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, The Nature Conservancy, The Trustees of Reservations, and WHRC. Contributors range from Kennebunk, Maine to Long Island, New York.

New Hampshire Prescribed Fire Council

Prescribed fire is used in New Hampshire to meet a range of management objectives relating to public safety, forest-based recreation, wildlife management, silviculture, agriculture, invasives species management, and sustaining natural communities. In order to more safely, efficiently, and effectively use this management tool, several New Hampshire organizations and agencies meet to discuss opportunities to address shared needs and goals. The Mission of the New Hampshire Prescribed Fire Council is to promote the safe use of prescribed fire on the New Hampshire landscape.

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