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Fueling Collaboration Season 3

Nov 10, Jan 19, Feb 16, Mar 16  |  Interactive panel discussion

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET

About the Event

Fueling Collaboration is a series of interactive panel discussions designed to connect fire managers and researchers. Each discussion is built on questions from registered attendees. We're working to bring people together to discuss, explore, and address the latest fire science and fire management issues across the eastern United States.

Registration is now open; see this website for more information:

  • Talking about Fire; Nov 10, 2022 11am - 12:30 pm ET (recording coming soon)

  • Fire and Wildlife; Jan 19, 2023 11am - 12:30 pm ET

  • Prescribed Burning in the Eastern WUI; Feb 16, 2023 11am - 12:30 pm ET

  • Fire and Water; (postponed from Dec 15) Mar 16, 2022 11am - 12:30 pm ET


Season 1 recordings and resources are at this link for these four winter 2020-2021 discussions:

  • Using Fire History to Inform Present-Day Management

  • Using Fire Seasonality to Open the Burn Window

  • Fire and a Changing Climate

  • Timber Management and Prescribed Fire


Season 2 recordings and resources are at this link for these five winter 2021-2022 discussions:

  • Fire and the Carbon Cycle

  • Fire and Timber Management in Mixed Woods

  • Smoke is NOT Just Smoke

  • Fire and the Wildland Urban Interface in the eastern U.S.

  • Thinking Beyond Fuel Reduction

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