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Fine Scale, Big Scale: Wildland Fire Dynamics Research for Informed Management

NAFSE is proud to present our Spring/Summer webinar series on research funded by the Department of Defense Strategic Research and Development Program, the Joint Fire Science program, and the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station. This series covers all aspects of fire behavior and all scales of measurement. The overarching idea is to improve on fire spread and behavior models from 1970s empirical models using physics-based measurements. This requires studying all scales of fire behavior with different fuels and instrumentation (see graphic below). Going from the small laboratory experiments to the operational field observations, this study tries to understand what generalizations for fire behavior can be derived across all scales and types of measurement; and also what applies at one scale, but not others. To see all of the series webinars go to our webpage on the event. Check out all of the excellent resources there that help explain and round out the research from all angles.


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