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Fire and the Wildland Urban Interface in the eastern U.S.

This panel discussion asked how wildfire, prescribed fire, and climate change intersect in the WUI of the East. This interactive webinar took place on February 17, 2022.

Panelists (click here for more information):

  • David Godwin (moderator), Director and Co-Principal Investigator with the Southern Fire Exchange

  • Fernando Garcia-Menendez, Assistant Professor with North Carolina State University

  • Steve Miller, Regional Director, Fire and Aviation with the USDA Forest Service, Region 9

  • Miranda Mockrin, Research Scientist with the USDA Northern Research Station

  • Gary Wood, Southeastern Regional Coordinator with the Cohesive Fire Strategy​

This interactive discussion is part of the Fueling Collaboration discussion series. Other events in the series are detailed on this website.


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