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NAFSE Community Science-Management Survey Closes

Fri, Feb 24  |  By email

5:00 PM EST

About the Survey

We are partnering with Dr. Kerry Grimm to survey the NAFSE community. Dr. Grimm is adjunct research faculty with Northern Arizona University. She is investigating ways that science is connected to decision-making in land management. Specifically, this project investigates interactions and work conducted among scientists, managers, and practitioners; creation, dissemination, and use of science in land management decisions; and interactions with the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange (NAFSE).
She is interested in hearing from people with varying levels of interaction with NAFSE. Therefore, whether you only receive our emails or regularly take part in our activities, your responses are important to this study.
Your name will not be asked and the survey will not be connected to your email address. All responses will be confidential and stored on a password protected computer. The first page of the survey contains information about the study; after clicking next, you will be taken to the survey questions.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Dr. Grimm directly at Thanks for your time and consideration!

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