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We are hiring!

Science Communications Specialist

The North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange is hiring! We are seeking a Science Communications Specialist to join our leadership team in partnership with the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, the Forest Stewards Guild, and the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact. The Science Communications Specialist will collaborate with our leadership team, Community Representatives, and community members to craft and disseminate digital communications and transformative events that foster collaboration between fire scientists and managers.

About the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange
The North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange (NAFSE) was formed in 2014 to catalyze collaborations between fire scientists and managers to create a safe and resilient fire-adapted landscape. Our community members include researchers from agencies and academia, students, land managers, conservation professionals, natural resource professionals, and others engaged in fire-adapted ecosystems. Nearly a decade into our existence as a member of the Joint Fire Science Program’s Fire Science Exchange Network, we have grown from a communication hub into a collaborative forum for fire science in land management across the region.

Position Responsibilities

NAFSE Leadership Team responsibilities

  • Represent NAFSE on working groups appropriate to fire science in our region.

  • Provide advice, consultation, and occasional assistance to the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact, Community Representatives, and other Fire Science Exchange Network staff.

  • Assist with coordination and implementation of NAFSE events, including event logistics and facilitation.

  • Engage and grow NAFSE community, build partner relationships and network connections.

  • Write grant proposals and reports for NAFSE’s renewal process; help with additional grant proposals and impact analysis.

Communications responsibilities

  • Work with NAFSE community to maximize the impact of NAFSE science communication activities.

  • Monitor and solicit news on fire science for the NAFSE community.

  • Maintain NAFSE digital content including website, MailChimp communications, newsletters, research briefs, social media.

Major deliverables

  • Reporting and proposal for next grant cycle (Fall 2023)

  • NJ Fire Camp (Spring 2024)

  • Working group facilitation (ongoing)

Skills and Qualifications

  • Working knowledge of fire-adapted ecosystems and fire management needs in the North Atlantic.

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in biological sciences, natural resource management, or related field, required.

  • Master’s degree or equivalent experience preferred.

  • Experience and training in wildland firefighting or prescribed fire is highly desirable.

  • A valid driver’s license and the ability to travel throughout the North Atlantic region.

  • Digital communication savvy including familiarity with Google suite, virtual platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft applications, Wix, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite.

  • A demonstrated track record of successful independent (remote) work as well as the ability to collaborate with a strong team.

This position is being offered as a half- time to three-quarter time contract employment opportunity with a flexible work schedule. A New Jersey location is preferred, but the Science Communication Specialist must be virtually located in a Northeast state at a minimum. Funding is currently available through September 2024, after which the position may be extended. The salary range is $31-35/hour, commensurate with experience. No benefits are provided. The position is administratively with the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact.

To Apply
Email your cover letter and resumé to Apply by Monday, May 22, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET. For inquiries about the position, contact,, or To learn more about the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange, visit

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