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Past Events

Past event information is stored in the NAFSE Archive, which you can visit here.

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Upcoming Events

Timber and Prescribed Fire.jpg

Thurs, Feb 18  |  Interactive panel discussion

Timber Management and Prescribed Fire

How can we best use fire in sites with timber management objectives?

Part of the Fueling Collaboration series


Wed, Feb 24  |  By email


Survey Closes

We are asking you what you think so we can figure out how NAFSE activities influence the connections between science and land management. The survey should take 5 - 15 min. Thanks for your time!


Fri, Feb 26  |  By email

Fire Science Exchange Network

Survey Closes

Our funding agency, the Joint Fire Science Program, is partnering with the USGS to survey the NAFSE community so they can better understand how to provide support. Thank you for your input!

Feb 18

Timber Management and Prescribed Fire / Interactive panel discussion

Feb 24

Science-Management Survey Closes / By email

USGS survey of the NAFSE community closes / By email

Feb 26

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