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Fueling Collaboration Season 4

Fueling Collaboration is a series of interactive panel discussions designed to connect fire managers and researchers. Each discussion is built on questions from registered attendees. We're working to bring people together to discuss, explore, and address the latest fire science and fire management issues across the eastern United States.

Season 4 of the Fueling Collaboration Panel Discussion Series has come to a close (October 2023 - February 2024). We had a wonderful time putting the series together and engaging with you during the four episodes. If you missed any of the series, we have recorded the sessions. Please visit the Fueling Collaboration website to view the panel discussions from this season and/or any of the past seasons.

Season 4 sessions included the following topics:

  • Fire History as a Bridge Between Ecological Knowledge Systems

  • The Future Is Smoky

  • Phenology of Fire: Listening to the Plants and Animals

  • Successfully Bridging the Gap: Eastern US Models of Fire Science  and Management Collaboration


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