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Prescribed Fire Science Series

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Increasing the pace and scale of prescribed burning through the co-production of fire science in the scientist-manager community.


The Prescribed Fire Science Workshop Series is a collection of virtual events, trainings, and networking opportunities that connected fire scientists and land managers with the goal of increasing the pace and scale of prescribed burning in the northeastern United States. This series was created to lay the groundwork for continued exchange between scientists and managers, including more virtual events and (eventually!) at least one in-person meeting that will feature a prescribed burn (RxB).

Series objectives:

  • raise awareness of how evidence-based prescribed fire can be used as a tool to create safe, resilient, fire-adapted landscapes

  • empower participants to use modern scientific tools that will help them safely implement prescribed burns in their home units

  • inform decision-makers about how they can incorporate science-driven management decisions into their legislation

  • showcase New Jersey as an example of science-based fuels management

Agenda and resources

July 16: first live contact

  • virtual introduction to fire science co-production and to other workshop participants: watch the recording here

Remainder of July and August: preparation

August 13: how-to webinar

September 15 - 17: 3-day intensive workshop


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