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Webinar: NAFSE Southern Pine Beetle Working Group Virtual Meeting

September 12th, 2023

September 12th 2023 - The NAFSE Southern Pine Beetle Working Group Virtual Meeting was held on September 12th, 2023. A large group was in attendance, which included representation from many states in the northeast United States and some eastern Canadian Provinces as well. A wide variety of agencies, some of which are currently dealing with southern pine beetle (SPB), heard various speakers provide updates related to SPB as well as pitch pine management. The entire one hour session can be viewed in the video above.

Upcoming Events and Resources

Upcoming Events

- October 26th, 2023: Sonya Kaufman will present the following talk at the NAFSE Student Webinar Series: Forest Health in the Ossipee and Waterboro Pine Barrens: Preparing for the Arrival of the Southern Pine Beetle. Details and registration information can be found here:

- November 1st & 3rd: University of Maine’s Forest Climate Change Initiative Year 4: Waterboro Barrens webinar and field visit!


- Q&A Summary Sheet from the September 12th, 2023 Virtual Meeting Chat Room (PDF)

Q&A Sheet For SPB
Download PDF • 85KB

- NAFSE Southern Pine Beetle Working Group Page (Click Here)

- Hope For The Pine Barrens (a NAFSE Blog post written by Sonya Kaufman):

- Managing Pitch Pine Under the Threat of Southern Pine Beetle (NAFSE Blog post summarizing April 2022 Workshop)


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