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Webinar: New Jersey Pine Barrens Fire Ecology

You can’t light a prescribed fire without understanding the ecology of the area you’re planning to burn. In this webinar, Inga La Puma of Rutgers University, Tom Gerber of the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, Mike Gallagher of the USFS, and Nick Skowronski of the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station shared a landscape-level overview of New Jersey Pine Barrens ecology and fire history and outlined current support for fire science co-production in New Jersey. This webinar set the stage for using QUIC-fire modeling as a tool, specifically focusing on the Spring Hill Fire, which burned thousands of acres in the New Jersey Pine Barrens in 2019.

This webinar is part of our Prescribed Fire Science Workshop Series, a collection of virtual events, trainings, and networking opportunities to connect fire scientists and land managers with the goal of increasing the pace and scale of prescribed burning in the northeastern United States. This series will lay the groundwork for continued exchange between scientists and managers, including more virtual events and (eventually!) at least one in-person meeting that will feature a prescribed burn (RxB). Learn more about the series here.


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