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New England Fire History ‘Stress Test’ Project: NE Forest Fire Protection Compact

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

NFFPC Stress Test Project – Document Index

This project covering fire history in New England and Eastern Canada was completed by Lloyd Irland, Founder and President, The Irland Group at the behest of the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact. These documents contain a plethora of information for each state and province as well as analyses of trends and mega-fire preparedness needs.

Documents for Action

NFFPC Fire History Trends and Comparisons: United States 1984-2010 (Revised)

Fires and Acres by Size (Revised 2011-08-05)

U.S. Forest Service Fire Data (Revised 2011-07-31)

Atlantics Canada Fire History, 1919-2011 (Working Paper) (Revised 2012-04-18)

The Northeast’s Great Sixties Drought: The Fire Outbreak (Working Paper)

Northeastern Regional Fire Outbreak of 1947 (Revised 2012-05-31)

Québec Fire History and Implications (Working Paper) (Revised 2012-06-14)

Vermont’s Fire History, 1905-2011 (Working Paper) (Revised 2012-05-23)

Massachusetts Fire History (Working Paper) (Revised 2012-05-24)

Connecticut Forest Fire History and Analysis, 1905-2010 (Working Paper) (Revised 2012-05-18)

Documents for Information

NFFPC Stress Test Project Overview (2011-08-03)

NFFPC Stress Test Project Update (2012-01-24)

Northeast Compact Fire Analysis: Canada Four Jurisdictions (Revised 2011-07-05)

Northeast Compact Fire History Analysis, 1970-2009: Canada Four Jurisdictions (Revised 2011-07-05)

Compact White Paper (Final) (Revised 2013-07-12)

Forest Fire Statistics by Province/Territory/Agency: 1970-2010

Trends in Large Fires in Canada, 1959-2007 (EN) (Revised 2011-08-01)

Trends in Large Fires in Canada, 1959-2007 (FR) (Revised 2011-08-01)

Irland Montana Memo for NFFPC, 2011

Mack Lake Fire, Michigan, 1980

Richburg Patterson Report, 2000

Northeast Regional Fire Outbreak of October 1947

Report on the Survey of Timber Damage by Forest Fires in Southwestern Maine, October 1947 (1948-01-30)

Fire Type Map 1947

Vermont Fire History, 1908-2010: Initial Observations (Revised 2011-10-02)

Fire History of New York State, 1920-2010 (Working Paper)

In What Year Did the Following Events Occur?

UNFAO Megafire Global Fire Assessment, 2011

Notes on Megafires Conference (Tallahassee, FL, November 14-18, 2011)

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